Gravity Impeller

Using powerful gravity-altering magics, these tube-like engines are mounted on the exterior of the vessel and provide both lift and propulsion. They work best when near individual worlds, either manipulating the gravity of the ship itself to launch away from the surface of the world, or pulling it closer to the next. They do not function well for interplanetary travel, and are slower at long-distance travel than starwind engines, but are far more reliable and pick up velocity close to planetary bodies (including moons and large asteroids). Gravity impellers are more difficult to use when further than fifty thousand miles from any celestial body, but when within that range, they become much easier to steer. They can also be used defensively to swiftly retreat from other vessels by pushing against the gravity of the other vessel (the smaller of the two spacecraft moving further away).
Gravity impellers do not function outside of a solar system.
Maximum Speed 2 (can be boosted to 3 for 3 rounds when pushing off a larger vessel); Acceleration 1
Propulsion gravity manipulation
Means of Propulsion gravity impeller tubes (external; one 30’x5’ impeller tube per vessel classification category greater than medium; hardness 10, hp 120 per impeller tube)
Control Device steering wheel
Driving Check Profession (pilot) (+5 to the DC within 50,000 miles of any celestial body, +15 to the DC when further away)

Gravity Whip

Gravity whips are distinguished from gravity impellers for their ability to affect Interstellar travel with great ease and velocity. A gravity whip attunes itself to the gravity of the nearest star (lesser celestial bodies are too small for it to attune to) and either pushes away against the star’s gravity, or pulls toward it. As such, they are incredibly clumsy engines, but also extraordinarily fast, making them impractical to use for in-system travel. At the outer edges of the system, it has decreased effectiveness and stops working completely once outside the star system’s gravity well.
Maximum Speed 12 within a solar system, 4 when at the edges of a solar system; Acceleration 3
Propulsion gravity manipulation
Means of Propulsion gravitron engine (internal; 12 squares, hardness 10, 240 hp)
Control Device hand-rigging (hardness 5, hp 10)
Driving Check Knowledge (engineering) (12 to the DC) or Profession (pilot) (0 to the DC)

Star Drive

Star Drives use a navigation computer and quantum sensors in order to find the quantum link between two star systems and a larger Source Engine to open a gateway between two systems allowing interstellar travel. The gate has to be within a certain range of the sun, so any ship utilizing this drive has to have a substantial heat shield or shielding systems. As this is the only known form of interstellar travel, the space around stars are usually highly policed.


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