A hardsuit is a set of powered mechanical armor worn for protective and utilitarian purposes. Most hardsuits are heavy enough that they cannot be operated at all without sufficient power. They are not ideally suited for all environments due to their tremendous weight, but while powered, the hardsuit feels like wearing a winter coat to the wearer.
All hardsuits are considered to be heavy armor, include gauntlets and helmets, and slow the wearer as other heavy armors do. They take 5 minutes to don, and the wearer must have help to don the armor. Without help, they may only be donned hastily (which takes 5 minutes), and removing the hardsuit takes 2d4 minutes. Hardsuits all have a hardness of 30.

Dauntless Armor

The shining black plates of this eight-foot tall metallic suit of armor cover the wearer from head to toe and bear a blank-faced helmet which locks into the collar assembly.
Once fully donned, the wearer can activate the armor with a command word, which grants the wearer a suite of enhanced capabilities including a +4 enhancement bonus to Strength, a +10-foot enhancement bonus to the wearer’s speed, and complete protection from all radiation and exposure to vacuum. Dauntless armor also provides fire resistance 10, protects the wearer from hot and cold environments as per the endure elements spell, and provides breathable air so long as the suit remains active as per the air bubble spell. The armor also comes equipped with boots that generate a low-level gravity field that allow them to adhere to any solid surface within 5’, granting the wearer the ability to walk upon that surface as if they were wearing a grav jacket (see p. XX).
Three times per day as a swift action, the wearer can use cure light wounds upon themselves, provided that they are still conscious.

Dwarven Steamsuit

A clanking collection of brass gears, steel pistons and iron boilers, a dwarven steamsuit is a fearsome sight to behold. It stands seven and a half feet tall and looks like a crudely made mechanical dwarf.
When donned and activated, the dwarven steamsuit grants the wearer a +4 bonus to Strength and a +10-foot enhancement to the wearer’s speed.
Additionally, a dwarven steamsuit boasts a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher capable of being fired via command word as a standard action. The rocket launcher may be removed and replaced with another rocket launcher as a full-round action. The hardsuit also bears a pair of forearm-mounted repeating heavy crossbows that may be wielded as if the wearer of the dwarven steamsuit was using two hands on each weapon.

Rampart Armor

This stony armor is crafted from meteorites high in cegnero ore, which grants it tremendous strength and hardness while remaining relatively lightweight. Its overlapping plates give the wearer the appearance of being a living statue, which confers a +2 bonus to Intimidation checks.
It grants the wearer a +5-ft. enhancement bonus to speed, acid resistance 10, and protects the wearer from hot and cold environments as per the endure elements spell. Additionally, rampart armor grants the wearer DR 15/magic, and has hardness 40.

Star Marine Armor

Star Marine armor comes in a variety of colors and styles, but they are all fashioned out of interlocking bands and plates of mithral. Various organizations frequently issue star marine armor to their shock troops or special agents, and the armor often bears sigils, symbols, or insignia that represent the organization that commissioned the armor.
Star Marine armor grants the following abilities:
  • The wearer gains a +4 enhancement bonus to Strength.
  • The wearer gains darkvision 120 ft. If it already has darkvision, the range of its darkvision is increased by 60 ft.
  • The wearer does not need to breathe, eat, or drink.
  • The wearer gains a +10 enhancement bonus to resist poisons.
  • Once per day as a free action, the wearer can use discordant blast as a spell-like ability.
  • The wearer’s feet adhere to any solid surface within 5 ft. as if they were wearing a grav jacket


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